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Fueling the athlete in you

Former D1 Rowing Athlete Jordan pulling a vehicle in a strongman competition after working with Shannon Palmer
Success Stories

Jordan, Former Collegiate D1 Rower 

She helped me find a plan that fits my busy work week, supports my training intensity, and doesn't feel rigid or restrictive.
Female athlete sprinting in black background

Approaching Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating Patterns in Athletes

Athletes are an incredible to work with but they are under extreme pressure with expectations of extreme body composition or weight class.

Competition Nutrition From A Strongwoman

One of the best things about being a dietitian who also competes in a sport is the ability for me to try all of the recommendations I give to my athletes on myself.
Matt holding an overhead squat during a Crossfit workout
Success Stories

Matt, Crossfit Athlete

She did an incredible job of rebuilding my nutrition from the ground up. I didn’t realize how drastically I was under-eating.
Caroline holding an overhead squat during a Crossfit workout
Success Stories

Caroline, Crossfit Athlete

For a year, I did the same workouts without results. In 3 months, I achieved results I could see and feel with Shannon.
Katya, one of Shannon Palmer's clients pulling a rope during a Strongwoman Competition
Success Stories

Katya, Strongwoman

Shannon’s recommendations and support helped me stay consistent, feel more energized, and perform better!
Blaise, Crossfit Athlete
Success Stories

Blaise, CrossFit Athlete

Shannon quite literally brought me back to life and taught me what it means to be fueled, strong, and capable.
Success Stories

Abbe, Athlete Balances Food And CrossFit

If you want to know true balance and acceptance of not only food, but your body as well, Shannon is your girl.
Success Stories

Gigi, Crossfit Athlete That Needed More Energy

I used to feel lightheaded and dizzy all the time & Shannon helped with my blood work and got me to enjoy CrossFit workouts again.

Diets & Who Should Consider It

We highlight the mediterranean, keto and plant-based/vegetarian diets. Explore what they are and how they work for your body.

Should I Work With A Dietitian?

Ready to make a change? Learn more about my nutrition philosophy and the stages of change each client goes through to find success.
Success Stories

Nick, National Strongman (Super Heavy Weight)

I have stopped cramping during competition days, and I know what to eat and when. She will get you on the right path to achieve your goals!
Success Stories

Destiny, Mother With An Active Lifestyle

Shannon really helped me learn about my body and helped me navigate severe hormonal issues as well. Everyone needs a Shannon in their life!
Success Stories

Bianca, Nationally Ranked Equestrian Vaulter

HangryNutrition quite literally helped me reshape my relationship with food. She took me from a newbie in recovery to an elite athlete.
Success Stories

Monica, Strongman Competitor

Shannon helped guide my nutrition by teaching me to make better choices and keeping me on an eating schedule.

Shannon Palmer

Sports Nutritionist, Crossfit and Strong Woman Athlete

"If you exercise on purpose, you are an athlete. Prioritize your nutrition to improve your performance in the gym and everyday life."