Gigi, Crossfit Athlete That Needed More Energy


​​Shannon has been a great resource & I could not be more grateful to have had her in my corner. She was a great listener and taught me how to properly fuel my body before I go and destroy it at CrossFit. I used to feel lightheaded and dizzy all the time & Shannon helped with my blood work and got me to enjoy the workouts as much as one can enjoy CrossFit. It was an amazing experience, and I am so lucky to have her in my corner!


Shannon Palmer

Sports Nutritionist, Crossfit and Strong Woman Athlete

"If you exercise on purpose, you are an athlete. Prioritize your nutrition to improve your performance in the gym and everyday life."

Former D1 Rowing Athlete Jordan pulling a vehicle in a strongman competition after working with Shannon Palmer

Jordan, Former Collegiate D1 Rower 

She helped me find a plan that fits my busy work week, supports my training intensity, and doesn't feel rigid or restrictive.
Matt holding an overhead squat during a Crossfit workout

Matt, Crossfit Athlete

She did an incredible job of rebuilding my nutrition from the ground up. I didn’t realize how drastically I was under-eating.
Caroline holding an overhead squat during a Crossfit workout

Caroline, Crossfit Athlete

For a year, I did the same workouts without results. In 3 months, I achieved results I could see and feel with Shannon.